Sable Rock German Shepherd puppies and available adults

Sable Rock German Shepherd puppies are World Class German Shepherds. Our dogs are strong bonding with high intelligence and excellent training drives. All of our puppies are AKC registered and puppies imported from Germany come with offical SV Pink Papers. We breed only select German Shepherd dogs that have been x-rayed to be free of hip dysplasia and due to our OFA DM testing and carefull mating, according to OFA, it is unlikely our puppies will ever be affected by DM. We have researched our breeding lines background extensively to insure we are breeding the most healthy lines. Sable Rock puppies come with a health and hip guarantee. Our puppies beauty comes from lines of the most beautiful dogs in America and Germany. Our dogs and puppies are our Family.

All of our dogs and puppies are fed the bones and raw foods diet, which is the best diet for dogs. Our puppies get the best start in life. It has been proven that dogs on the bones and raw foods diet have less health problems, better skin, coats, and clean healthy teeth and gums, just to name a few benifits. With the constant dog food recalls, chemicals in dog food and "unknown" ingredients, you will have a peace of mind knowing your puppy was raised on fresh real meat, not chemicals and over cooked unknown ingredients in a bag.

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German Shepherd dog Coat Colors- examples of our dogs different coat colors.

a puppy from a past litter

Happy New Year!

We are hoping to have puppies born in March, ready to go in May.

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Thank you for your interest in our dogs!

a puppy from a past litter


Looking for a puppy?

Email us and let us know what your looking for as well as color preference, male or female, and your timing. The more information the better we can help you.

And then we will let you know if we will have anything that will fit what your looking for.

Our reseravtions fill up fast so it is important to reserve in advance.

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Email is the best way to reach us. We are very busy but if you don't hear back from us within a few days, email again to make sure we got your email.

Also don't for get to look at all the great pictures and information on our website.

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Available Adults

If you are looking for an adult email us with info what your looking for and we will see if we have one that would be a good fit for you.

We are going to have some really great adult dogs available this year, to really great families.

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A cute picture of one of our past litters with Jaego! They are not available, just a cute picture from the past we wanted to share.

3 week old Anchi puppies above and at 5 weeks old below.

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Our home to yours-
We are there for each first breath. Days and sleepless nights are spent caring for our precious new babies. Love is given to each new little beating heart. Joy is felt watching our babies grow each day. Heart ache is faced when something doesn't go the right way. Each sweet new cuddly puppy is raised with love from the bottom of our hearts. The best care is given to all of our puppies each day of their new lives. Each and every one of our puppies holds a special place in our hearts. Each puppy is a part of our family, every day of their lives. By letting you take home one of our babies we are trusting you with a piece of our heart, a member of our family. Ask us questions. Let us help you provide the best for our baby. And if your family should ever face the hard decision of having to give up our dog, we are here to help our dog return home.

With Love,

Jeremy, Callie, Drake, Jaego and Ahnki

Sable Rock Kennels

World Class German Shepherd Dogs


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